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Eric M Bjornstad

Born: 10/23/1934, Phoenix, Arizona
Death: 12/17/2014, Moab, Utah

obit to be added at a later date.


12/31/2014 - I wish to pay tribute to my long time friend Eric. I first met Eric in 1987 when I moved to Moab. I was not a climber, but an artist and lover of the desert landscape. I designed Eric's logo of the Moses towers that he used on his business cards, stationary and T shirts back then. I still prize my first edition copy of "Desert Rock" that he signed for me and gave me as payment for my design services. It still is in mint condition - since I wasn't a climber and so never really used it- it may be the only copy like that now in existence! Back then I remember Eric taking me along to see the Valley of the Gods in AZ when he was doing research for his book. I also enjoyed meeting his climber friends that would come to town, like Warren Harding, Layton Kor and Charlie Fowler. Eric was always especially proud of his first ascent of the Disappearing Angel Rock in Moab and his climbing in Monument Valley for Clint Eastwood in the Eiger movie. I moved away from Moab in 1991 and lived in Guatemala for many years. When I would return to visit in the states, I would go see Eric in his trailer out on Powerhouse Lane, the one that he had shared with Lin Ottinger that was crammed full of dusty books and papers and worn out sofas. He was sure upset when he had to move away from there! When I first visited him when he was in his new trailer closer to town, I remember his excitement that he had found out that he had a daughter that he didn't even know about. He showed us lots of lovely pictures of her that he had on his wall and he was so proud that she was a model. I moved back to Moab in 2010, but I'm sorry that I didn't see Eric very much then. When I heard he had been hospitalized, I visited him at the care center several times over the past few years and took him brownies and cookies which he would devour on the spot. I even trimmed his mustache for him once. It was so sad to see him lying there in bed watching TV all day, and that made it hard for me to visit. But he seemed happy to be there and be taken care of. He always talked about wanting to finish his autobiography... I wish I had gone to see him more often... Eric will always remain in a very fond place in my heart. I miss you Eric... and somehow Moab has lost a special piece of its red rock landscape in your passing...I still will think of you whenever I see the Disappearing Angel, just as I have all these years. Please let me know when you have a memorial for him. My condolences to all his family. - Carolyn Dailey

12/31/2014 - Two years ago when I worked at the Museum of Moab, Eric came in one day to donate to the Museum a display of all his climbing gear. He mounted his old climbing gear on a weathered piece of wood with his name engraved on it. I'm a climber and had known and socialized with Eric over the past 20 years. I was delighted the Museum got the opportunity to preserve this valuable relic of Eric's past. It is hanging at the top of the sports in Moab display in the Museum. There is also a Canyon Leagacy (Journal of the Dan O'Laurie Museum of Moab)Fall 2009 Volume 66 "Seeking the Summits" issue devoted to Desert Rock Climbing. There is an exclusive interview with Eric Bjornstad in this issue that's very interesting. He was a legend in Moab and will be greatly missed. - Andrea Stoughton

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