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Gary Joseph Giuffre

Born: 10/25/1953, Oak Park, Illinois
Death: 8/27/2018, Moab, Utah

obit to be added at a later date.


9/9/2018 - We first met Gary in Berryville, AR while members of Little Portion. He was with his faithful and constant companion, Chupy. She was a sweet dog who had been through a lot in her short life, just like Gary. We found we could spend hours visiting with Gary about thought provoking topics while marveling at his life experiences. He had basically been God's "volunteer" since finishing his schooling until his death. Whether it was sharing his talents in lending a hand to someone in need or offering his thoughts in conversation, he left you with a smile on your face. Bob and Gary had an ongoing joke going about the construction of Beaver Dam. It was always mentioned when we met and it will always bring a smile to our faces. We last saw him a couple of years ago on the way home from the Grand Canyon. He wasn't doing too well then, but still living independently with the kind help of others. We have just moved into a new home and hung some pictures of his driftwood horse project in our living room. We commented that we wondered if we would ever get to visit with him again and it would have been about the time of his death. We are thankful to have had you in our lives, Gary, but also glad to know your suffering has finally ended. With love, Chris & Bob Denk - Bob & Chris Denk

9/6/2018 - Gary was a beloved friend of about 30 years, and we will always carry him in our hearts... remembering his fearless outspokenness as well as his light-hearted jokes and puns. He was a friend to all, and a devoted follower of Jesus, not only by word, but especially by deed and an anti-materialistic lifestyle. We would trade humorous stories of God's miraculous Providence in our lives... One of the most memorable while we were with him, his find of money in the toilet paper roll in a public restroom! He was a modern-day Francis of Assisi, and he was an inspired artist, using the humblest of material.... We made a connection with him at first because Bill plays the fiddle, and Gary, at that time, was making full-scale replicas of violins... out of toothpicks! He continued over the years, making a piano out of chopsticks, and then, horses out of driftwood. But his richest legacy was his ability to make friends, and we are just one of the many who loved him. - Bill and Michelle Dick

9/5/2018 - Gary reminded me of John the Baptist. He lived what 'appeared' to be a 'simple' life-not preoccupied with consumerism and acquiring more stuff-yet it was not simple at all, but complex and rich and steeped in knowledge. Gary thought before he spoke. He was funny, kind, gentle and VERY smart. He was a talented artist. His love and generosity being two of his most outstanding traits.He taught me about finding greatness in little things-kind of how Jesus taught his followers at the Sermon on the Mount. Gary was a prime example of this upside down kingdom that I think Jesus is referring to in the beatitudes. Gary's life was a ministry of love. He exuded peace and friendship everywhere he went. - Kathy Cooney

8/30/2018 - I met Gary as I was working at City market , and we had some really good talks, my husband gave him rides when he would see him , we are sorry to hear of his passing as he was a very pleasant person to talk with always showing concern for others Sympathy and condolences to his family SheraLee Patrick ,and Mitchell Patrick - Shera Lee and Mitchell Patrick

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d: 8/27/2018
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   Those we love remain with us
   For love itself lives on;

   Cherished memories never fade
   Because one loved is gone.

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