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Mackie, Duncan d. 2/11/2018
MacLeod, Sherryl d. 1/11/2010
Madsen, Helen d. 1/18/2012
Maestas, Danika d. 2/27/2009
Maher, Lisa Lee d. 1/3/2019
Mallang, Christopher d. 2/21/2017
Manson, Bobbi Sue d. 7/12/2018
Manson, Fleda Narlene d. 6/14/2011
Mantikos, Joanne d. 12/27/2008
Markle, Frederick Jim d. 7/19/2015
Marksberry, Mark d. 12/14/2020
Marshall, Jay d. 7/14/2019
Marshall, Jeffrey d. 8/26/2018
Marshall, Marilyn d. 12/6/2013
Marshall, Ronald d. 9/7/2011
Marsing, Albert d. 3/8/2014
Martin, Gladys d. 5/13/2015
Martin, Gloria d. 1/6/2021
Martin, Tom d. 2/6/2017
Martin III, James d. 3/21/2018
Martineau, Frank d. 11/19/2014
Martinez, J Raymundo d. 1/19/2020
Martinez, Juanita d. 10/27/2017
Martinez, Marie d. 7/2/2010
Mathews, William d. 1/9/2013
Mathis, Michelle d. 7/11/2016
Maxam, Judi d. 3/20/2017
Maxfield, Sheila d. 11/12/2007
May, Connie d. 10/30/2019
Mayberry, Susanne d. 8/30/2016
Mayberry, Weldon d. 12/12/2020
Maynard, Carolyn d. 6/27/2015
Mayor, Norman d. 12/21/2009
Mays, Emmett d. 11/13/2011
Mays, Mary d. 9/22/2020
McCandless, Barbara d. 11/6/2018
McCandless, Haven d. 1/25/2017
McCann, Patrick d. 10/14/2016
McCarrick, Claire d. 5/25/2019
McClish, Lily d. 1/26/2017
McConnell, Kevin d. 1/15/2016
McCoy, Edwin d. 6/24/2016
McCurdy, Carolyn d. 5/15/2013
McDonald, E John d. 10/30/2015
McDougall, Ted d. 8/7/2013
McDowell, Jean d. 2/13/2019
McGann, Maureen d. 4/13/2019
McKimmey, Larry d. 7/11/2011
McNeely, Helen d. 7/25/2015
Mead, Susan d. 8/12/2017
Meadows, Jeffrey d. 4/17/2007
Means, OraLynn d. 9/21/2020
Megee, Dean d. 8/10/2010
Memmott, Richard d. 8/22/2015
Menz, Keith d. 9/30/2014
Merkl, Denise d. 11/30/2019
Merrell, Sheryl d. 6/14/2013
Miller, Shirley d. 7/17/2018
Mitten, Helen d. 2/26/2020
Mizener, Dorothy d. 12/19/2013
Mohler, Betty d. 9/14/2019
Mohler, Robert d. 3/2/2012
Mondragon, Jason d. 3/21/2015
Moniz, Debbie d. 3/28/2020
Monniere, Donald d. 1/23/2020
Moore, Chris d. 7/17/2011
Moore, Daniel d. 11/23/2013
Moore, Judith d. 11/25/2008
Morandi, Helen d. 11/8/2011
Morlen, Patricia d. 3/5/2010
Morra, Barbara d. 6/15/2009
Morris, Judy d. 12/14/2019
Morrison, Moroni Jim d. 10/21/2015
Morroun, Kevin d. 3/22/2014
Morse, Diane d. 2/4/2012
Morse, Nolan d. 7/29/2018
Morse, Paul d. 2/22/2019
Morse, Phillip d. 3/23/2009
Morse, Yvonne d. 7/14/2015
Mott Jr, Herbert d. 6/30/2017
Mullen, Ferne d. 3/23/2010
Muller, Noreen d. 7/4/2016
Mumford, Bartie d. 5/25/2018
Munson, Edwin d. 7/3/2014
Murphy, Edna d. 8/17/2013
Murray, Donald d. 9/15/2018
Murray, Hellen d. 10/2/2008
Murray, Robert d. 2/22/2019

In Memoriam In Memoriam
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Peter Plastow
b: 9/21/1930
d: 1/22/2021
Service: Pending

Dale Holyoak
b: 5/12/1929
d: 1/19/2021
Service: 01/23/2021, 12:00 pm, Moab LDS Stake Center on Locust Lane with live streaming on Spanish Valley Mortuary facebook page

Lorraine Grundvig
b: 11/2/1929
d: 1/8/2021
Service: 01/15/2021, 2:00 pm Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Jack Turpin
b: 1/22/1958
d: 1/6/2021
Service: Private

Gloria Martin
b: 1/26/1951
d: 1/6/2021
Service: 01/16/2021, 11:30 am Moab LDS Stake Center with live streaming on Spanish Valley Mortuary facebook page

Albert Lucero
b: 9/5/1939
d: 1/5/2021
Service: 01/13/2021, 12:00 pm St. Pius X Catholic Church with live streaming on Spanish Valley Mortury facebook page.

Betty Lucero
b: 6/16/1944
d: 1/5/2021
Service: 01/13/2021, 12:00 pm St Pius X Catholic Church with live streaming on Spanish Valley Mortury facebook page

Daniel Kemmsies
b: 11/13/1957
d: 12/31/2020
Service: Private

Donald Scott Cockayne
b: 10/26/1951
d: 12/31/2020
Service: Pending

George Simons
b: 5/5/1940
d: 12/31/2020
Service: 01/05/2021, 1:00 pm Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Vee Carroll
b: 7/13/1932
d: 12/28/2020
Service: 01/02/2021, 11:00 am Monticello LDS Stake Center 165 South Main with live streaming on Spanish Valley Mortuary facebook page

They Live OnThey Live On

   Those we love remain with us
   For love itself lives on;

   Cherished memories never fade
   Because one loved is gone.

   Those we love can never be
   More than a thought apart;

   For as long as there’s a memory,
   They live on within our heart.

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